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by Super Admin - 8 months ago

Theorising SEO After Brexit

It’s no secret that now Britain is leaving the EU, Scotland is hoping to hold another referendum in a bid to leave Britain (and in effect break up the Union) but what does this have to do with SEO? Brexit will definitely change the face of British p...

by Super Admin - 10 months ago

Need for Speed: Why a fast website matters more than ever

When it comes to website optimisation, ensuring your site speed is up to scratch makes a huge difference. It doesn’t really matter what performance metric you’re basing success on – whether it’s goal conversions, revenue, search rankings, whate...

by Super Admin - 11 months ago

May the (SEO) force be with you

Earlier this year, I made the move to agency life at CandidSky from an in-house marketing role. I came as a junior to help support and assist the rest of the team. In the months since, I’m proud of how far I’ve come, picking up new skills, advancing...